Tips for E--commerce Startup Business India 2020 | How to Sell Products | How to build effective Business??

Tips for E--commerce Startup Business India 2020

Folks! We all know that E-Commerce  industry is growing very fast in India  and that millions of products are being sold and bought on it on daily basis . If you also want to develop your business through e-commerce  But u don’t have idea and adequate information to start it , if you want to understand  about how does this whole system works  , in this article we will talk about the basics of E-commerce.

How you can grow your business through  E-Commerce?

There are basically two ways of selling the products online First is that you can develop your own E-commerce website and through marketing and branding you will bring costumers. A platform  On which buyer can buy your products . And this is what we have come up with .

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The second way is  through Marketplaces .What is a Marketplace??

Let us tell about marketplaces. A Marketplace is an established Company who work on seller system where for every product there are different sellers available . Every seller sells products according their categories .


To sell your product online ,You have to get registered as a seller . So, to register as a seller ,you will be required some documents Like you should have G.S.T number ,  bank account , PAN card And if you are running PVT company Then you will have to provide companies PAN card ,your email address and mobile number will  be required.

When you provide all these document to the company then you Become registered as a seller on it and  and then you come onboard, which mean that you are now ready to sell you product on it.


What is the Process of E-Commerce Business | How to Sell Products ?


Let  us now understand the inner process that how orders come and how the E-Commerce system works. After registering as a seller,  the company Provides you a panel, through the help of  which you can list your product on the website You can manage products price and all the orders which you will receive will be shown in this panel .
So whatever the product you want to sell so what you have to do basically is You should capture the item's  photographs , Which clearly describes the item .You will have to upload these photos on your panel  and You have to add it as a new product  .Also, will have to mention all the details/description of the product. 
You may have seen in online shopping that Below every product there is description of it which helps the buyers to pick the product they need. Once your product get listed on a website ,  then it becomes ready to be sold. Suppose a customer wants to buy that product ,He/She goes on the website and searches for the product name And when he finds your product then he buys it from there .
And when he/she buys the product then the panel which the company has provided you ,will start to list the order as your order And then you will have to process that order .

Let us tell you the steps of processing an order !

You will have to login in your panel .There will be some labels of the orders You will be required to print that labels and after you will pack your order you will  stick the labels on it  And the work left to do after that is picking the product from you and Delivering it to costumer .
you The courier facility which you have opted for , comes to you And take the product and deliver it customer. After 3-4 days when the product is delivered , Then the amount of your product is automatically  reflected in your bank account .

About this Article:

Folks! So, this is how the E-Commerce system works . In this Article,we tried to cover the basics of E-commerce And if still you have any doubts Or you want to ask something You can comment below And we will surely try to reply you.
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